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This Porsche Speedster is not just any vehicle. This is an extremely rare car already but the story behind this one makes it truly 1 of 1 in the world. This car was built by a man named Stan Townes who took a wrecked Porsche 911 and turned it into this masterpiece. This vehicle is now a 1 of a kind 1967 Porsche Speedster 911. We had the honor to work on this vehicle and make it look better than ever before. We did a 2 step paint correction followed by a 10 year ceramic coating.

Even though this vehicle already looked great, we knew that we could make it look better. After meeting the owner at a car show, he had us come in to work on his favorite vehicle. Silver paint tends to not show many imperfections however the black painted stripes show everything. We could see that the paint was in rough shape. It was covered in scratches and swirls cause the paint to look dull and take away from the beauty of the car. After taking a close look at the paint we could see that the silver paint was no better off than the black stripes. Because of this we decided to do a 2 step paint correction to remove about 90% of the total imperfections from the paint. This paint correction will remove all of the swirls and most of the scratches which will greatly improve the gloss and prep for the ceramic coating.

As we worked on paint correction the Porsche, we realized how many tight areas there were on this vehicle that we needed to paint correct. Being a professional detailer requires a lot of knowledge and expertise when it comes to having and using the right tools for the job. We would not be able to execute such amazing results if we were not equipped with the right tools for the job. For this Car alone we used nearly every polisher we have. We used a 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 5 inch duel action polisher as well as a rotary 7 inch. All of these were used to achieve such outstanding results bec=fore we protect the finish with a 10 year ceramic coating.

We use a 10 year ceramic coating by System X. This coating is going to protect the overall finish of the vehicle from any kind of chemical damage for the next decade. This includes salt, UV rays, oxidation, bugs, bird droppings and much more. Ceramic coatings offer many additional benefits as well. One of the main benefits of ceramic coating is the slickness. Ceramic coating provides a hard, sacrificial barrier over any surface that cures extremely slick. This helps to repel dirt, dust and water from the surface allowing maintenance to be much easier. Washing a vehicle that has been ceramic coated becomes much easier due to the coating not allowing any contaminants to stick to the surface. Ceramic coating is great on rims because it repels brake dust, making them easier to clean and stay clean for longer. Ceramic coating is also great on glass due to its impressive hydrophobicity. This means that water beads right off the surface improving visibility when driving in the rain.

We chose this specific coating for the customer because he is someone who is always looking for the best of the best. System X Max is one of the best ceramic coatings in the industry due to its gloss, hydrophobics, slickness and 10 year longevity. Now this 1 of 1 Porsche is looking amazing and will stay that way for years. The customer will also be pleased when washing the vehicle because of how easy it is to keep clean. We are the ultimate one stop shop for all of your vehicles’ protective coating needs for interior and exterior surfaces. We are also highly specialized in protective coatings on other vehicles such as boats, planes, rvs, trailers, motorcycles and planes. We can make any finish look amazing and protect it to keep it that way.