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This 1996 Porsche 993 came to us in rough shape. It was covered in swirls, scratches, rock chips and buffer marks. This vehicle is used as a track car and show car every now and then. As a result, it became relatively neglected. The owner had washed it himself but over the years it started to lose its gloss. He was then misinformed by a friend that a claybar will remove the swirls from the paint. This is very wrong.

A claybar is a great tool used in the detailing industry however it does not remove swirls. It actually will most likely cause more damage than good if used incorrectly which is what happened here. A clay bar works by picking up and removing embedded contaminates from the vehicle’s paint in order to prep the surface for a protection such as ceramic coating. Since a claybar is an abrasive, it is recommended that you paint correct the vehicle a claybar treatment. Even with professional use, clay barring your vehicle will contaminates all of the vehicle’s surface causing marring and micro scratches. The aggressiveness of the clay itself may determine how much damage is caused. We always pair this process with a paint correction and ceramic coating in order to decontaminate, correct and protect the entire vehicle all in 1 process.

This specific Porsche received a 2 step paint correction to all paint, 1 step polish to the wheels and even the glass was polished. Black paint has a tendency to show all of the imperfections. With the 2 step paint correction, we were able to remove about 90% of the total imperfections in the vehicle. This leaves behind a near perfect glossy finish with no swirls and very minor isolated i perfections. The rims were also polished to bring out a deep gloss and prep for the ceramic coating. The rims were quite faded due to years of improper washing. The 1 step polish was able to bring back a substantial amount of gloss. The glass was also polished to help remove water spots and light scratches which helps our ceramic coating bond to the surface creating a longer lasting result.

We applied a 3 year ceramic coating to the paint, glass and rims. This coating is going to protect the overall finish of the vehicle from any kind of chemical damage. This includes salt, UV rays, oxidation, bugs, bird droppings and much more. Ceramic coatings offer many additional benefits as well. One of the main benefits of ceramic coating is the slickness. Ceramic coating provides a hard, sacrificial barrier over any surface that cures extremely slick. This helps to repel dirt, dust and water from the surface allowing maintenance to be much easier. Washing a vehicle that has been ceramic coated becomes much easier due to the coating not allowing any contaminants to stick to the surface. Ceramic coating is great on rims because it repels brake dust, making them easier to clean and stay clean for longer. Ceramic coating is also great on glass due to its impressive hydrophobicity. This means that water beads right off the surface improving visibility when driving in the rain.

This Porsche was in our shop for a total of 3 days and now looks better than new thanks to our incredible team of detailing experts. We specialize in paint corrections and ceramic coatings to revive a vehicle’s look and preserve them like that for years at a time. We are the ultimate one stop shop for all of your vehicles’ protective coating needs for interior and exterior surfaces. We are also highly specialized in protective coatings on other vehicles such as boats, planes, rvs, trailers, motorcycles and planes. We can make any finish look amazing and protect it to keep it that way.