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Detailing Services

Professional Detail Pricing

List ofย  Services

  • Paint Correction
  • Ceramic Coatings(Interior and Exterior)
  • Icon Rocklear
  • Plastic Trim Restoration
  • Headlight Restoration

Ceramic Coating

Pricing Starts at:
Pricing does not reflect paint correction prices
1 year
3 years
10 years
2-year interior coating

Our ceramic coatings provide a layer of protection over all parts of your vehicle. Paint, glass, rims, plastic, upholstery, leather, carpets are all examples of surfaces we can protect. Ceramic coatings creates a hydrophobic and extremely slick surface to prevent dirt and contaminants from embedding and ruining your finish. This allows you to spend more time driving your car and less time worrying about ruining it. Ceramic coating is level of protection against bugs, salt, uv rays, oxidation, brake dust, fading and cracking, staining, grease and other grime.

Icon Rocklear Protective Coating

10-year guarantee & 4-year guarantee

Icon Rocklear is the perfect addition to any vehicles paint. This coating takes used and abused cars look better than new and new cars better than it was on the showroom floor. This coating fills in all scratches and swirls in the clear coat to provide a near perfect finish. It is also measured to be glossier than a perfect factory clear coat. Aside from its impressive visual benefits it is also the highest level of hand applied protection in the world. This coating cures to create an impenetrable layer to help prevent impacts such as rock chips and key scratches from damaging your paint. This coating takes all of the hits and keeps your ride looking pristine. Contact us to see if Icon Rocklear is a good fit for your vehicle.