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Grasslot Boys Mobile Detailing is now certified by some of the top names in the aviation industry to detail airplanes and helicopters. In June of 2023, we attended an aviation detailing training in Houston Texas at the Lone Star Flight Museum. This training was put together by some of the top names in the airplane detailing space. System X teamed up with Sparrowhawk Mobile Detailing to provide a 2 day training to go over the basics of aviation detailing safety and detailing procedures. We went over Dry washing, claybar, chemical decontamination, paint correction, ceramic coating, de-ice boot clean and protection, brightwork and safety procedures to follow. We are now fully certified for all of your aviation detailing needs.

Airplanes and Helicopters are very rugged vehicles however they have very sensitive pieces and sensors that need to be closely paid attention to. Expert detailers know how these sensors work and more importantly how to make sure they are not damaged when they are being worked around. Airplanes are very expensive pieces of equipment and need to be treated as such. That is why we only use aviation grade products and with the newest up to date training in the industry we are able to tackle the needs of cleaning and protecting these vehicles.

A new paint job on an airplane will cost thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our processes allow the paint on an airplane or helicopter to shine and last longer. Paint correction consists of polishing down oxidation and light scratches in the paint. This helps to bring out a deep gloss and remove some imperfections from the paint. After the paint is polished, we protect the paint with aviation grade ceramic coating from System X. System X is a top tier ceramic coating company geared towards prolonging the finish of any vehicle. They offer long warranties for their products ensuring that they are well kept and truly delivering the best of the best protection.

Ceramic coating on an airplane creates a hard, glossy and slick surface over the paint. This creates ease of maintenance as well as protection. This protects from UV rays, oxidation, bugs and chemical damage. Ceramic coating makes the paint look glossier and stay that way for years to come. This will prolong or even prevent you from having to get your aircraft repainted. Now that we are certified to apply ceramic coatings on aircrafts, Grasslot Boys Mobile Detailing will be bringing the highest level of protection, appearance and expertise to your aircraft.