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This 1999 Kenworth T200 was brought to us for a paint correction and ceramic coating to help maintain its bright red color. The truck is 24 years old and just received a new paint job just 2 years ago. The owner’s main concern was to protect the paint and make his life easier when trying to wash his vehicle. He used the truck as a show semi meaning that it only travels about 3 times per year. People love to see well-kept trucks and there’s no better way to make a truck look better and keep it that way than a ceramic coating by Grasslot Boys Detailing.

The semi sits at 13’5 meaning that washing, clay bar, decontaminating, polishing, and ceramic coating the top portion of it is no short task. We were able to get up on ladders to reach across the entire top to make sure it will be fully protected from the elements. Upon first inspection of the vehicle, we had noticed that the paint was in great shape. There were a few sanding marks, clearcoat failures and scratches in isolated spots but as a whole the truck looked great. We decided to do a 1 step paint correction. This process involves polishing light imperfections from the paint to improve the overall gloss and prep the surface for ceramic coating. We were able to remove about 65-70% of the imperfections in the paint. This allows us to remove any previous waxes and sealants as well as creating a perfectly smooth surface for the ceramic coating.

We applied a 3-year ceramic coating to the paint, glass, and rims. This coating is going to protect the overall finish of the vehicle from any kind of chemical damage. This includes salt, UV rays, oxidation, bugs, bird droppings, and much more. Ceramic coatings offer many additional benefits as well. The owner’s main concern was making it easier for him to clean. One of the main benefits of ceramic coating is its slickness. Ceramic coating provides a hard, sacrificial barrier over any surface that cures extremely slick. This helps to repel dirt, dust, and water from the surface allowing maintenance to be much easier. Washing a vehicle that has been ceramic coated becomes much easier due to the coating not allowing any contaminants to stick to the surface. This property of ceramic coating is what makes it so unique. Not only does it last for years at a time but it is able to consistently give these same slick characteristics all the time without reapplication. The rims were also ceramic coated. Semi-rims get beat up pretty quickly and oxidize very fast. The ceramic coating is going to help keep a polished look while acting to prevent corrosion, oxidation, and dirt from sticking. This makes them stay cleaner and new looking for longer. Ceramic coating is also great on glass due to its impressive hydrophobicity. This means that water beads right off the surface improving visibility when driving in the rain.

The semi was in our shop for a total of 3 days. Over this time it received a hand wash, deep clean rims and tires, clay bar, chemical decontamination, paint correction, and ceramic coating. It is now looking better than ever before and fully protected from all of the elements Illinois can throw at it. Grasslot Boys Detailing is a company specialized in protecting any vehicle finish to make your Car, boat, plane, RV, motorcycle, or semi look better than new and protect it for years to come.